In the worldwide CUSTOM Brand earn a name in sports industry. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified under the quality management and customer care we consume our efforts to fulfill the customer requirements in sports and served as a remarkable manufacturers and exporters in related fields. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. Our cheapest rate and bestest quality gives the whole industry an extraordinary reputation in world wide. Professionals and expertise make our company to the top for serving our customers for the best. We provide the finest and purest quality to give a earnable and profitable for our references. We indulge with our customers with both materialistic and caring relationship. Our one of the best quality is up to date our customers with new designs and fashions. We served with higher quality materials and latest machines to fulfill demands. Our work itself a masterpiece for our customers. Our company is trustworthy and has a strong, and flaw free background. Hopefully you will satisfy to work with us.


Weight lifting Gloves | Weight lifting Wrist Wrap | Weight lifting Knee Wrap | Weight lifting Abdominal Slings | Weight lifting Belts | Weight lifting Head Harness | Weight lifting Ankle |Weight lifting Elbow Pads | Weight lifting Gripper Pads | Weight Lifting Hooks | Weight lifting Slingshot etc…


Our company use high and fine quality of products during the manufacturing process with 100% guaranteed Quantity. Such as

Leather | Cotton | Lacra | Nylon | Polyester | Neoprene etc.


We learn something new every day. But more than 25 years of experience provides with sufficient technical requirements in the most efficient manner.


Our R&D cell is working all the time to develop the new and worth seeing products for the Weight Lifting Products. We have a lot of ideas to develop new products for the Weight Lifting Products and have successfully developed new designs of products accordingly to our customer’s choices; therefore our customers are satisfied with our workmanship and quality.


Thanks & Regards,


Chief Executive